OB Cottage

The OB Cottage

The Cottage was dubbed the OB by the sons of Flat Rock Farm when they were small. It stands for “Out Building” as it is situated a small distance away from the family Farmhouse. The OB Cottage is rustic yet chic, with walls that are lined with locally saw milled wood that has aged a golden patina. The ceilings are constructed from recycled tin that once was on the roof of The OB Cottage. It is comprised of 2000 square feet of living area, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two porches, and a kitchen area. The kitchen area has a sink, stove, refrigerator with ice maker and a serving bar. The Cottage can comfortably accommodate 50 guests with overflow onto the two porches. There are two restroom areas, one of which is handicap accessible. The exterior of the Cottage is also crafted with locally saw milled wood. On the side of the OB Cottage is the Cantina. This rustic but Chic area can be offered for a number of available services; food and drink preparation or serving, and informal seating. The OB Cottage can be rented on the day of the event only.